Necessity is the mother of invention

At Open Solutions, we manage networks, build Internet infrastructure, consult and develop web applications for many customers. Tracking the time our engineers spent on different projects - especially those on the frontline hopping from customer to customer - was becoming an issue.

We believe in web applications that are simple, beautiful and functional.

After an exhaustive search, we couldn't find one to fit our needs... so we built it. And who better to build a time tracking application for IT and other consulting professionals than those same professionals!

Anytime, Anywhere

We love web applications because they are always available at anytime from anywhere. No need to install, no CDs or downloads. Just open your browser and track your time.

The Latest Version

Everyone should have the latest version of our software. The latest version is always available to you online. No updates or upgrades need to be installed by you. Ever.

It Should Be Simple

Our landing page is the Add a New Entry page. Enter a new record in seconds while viewing your day at a glance. Jump between days at the click of a button. Generate reports and view charts with ease.

Fast and Responsive

Just because an application exists in the cloud doesn't mean it should be slow. From the ground up, we've designed our application to be quick and responsive using the latest technologies.