We take your data seriously

We know you use your time sheets to invoice your customers and possibly to pay your contractors. This information is critical to you and we treat it extremely seriously. Its security and the reliability of the systems and networks that make up the TallyStick application are our top priority.

SSL Encryption

We use the industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption on our web servers to ensure that the data transmitted from your browser to our servers is fully protected.

Physical Security

The servers used for TallyStick are fully owned and operated by Open Source Solutions Limited and are co-located in a state of the art data centre in Dublin with full security monitoring, redundant power feeds, UPS and diesel generators, fire suppression and cooling.


TallyStick stores all data in real time across multiple database servers. Additionally, all the information you enter is encrypted and backed up to a secure remote site on a nightly basis.

Firewalls & VPN

The TallyStick application and all your data is stored behind state of the art firewalls. Our development and administrative staff use only secure VPN links for management.

Intrusion Detection

All our servers have intrusion detection and file integrity scanners installed and our staff are alerted immediately on any detected issue.

Monitoring & Alerting

All servers, network components and applications for the TallyStick application is continuously monitoring 24/7 and alerts are issued by SMS to our on call engineers.