Finding the right price point isn't easy!

The first rule of setting a price is to make sure you cover your costs. But that's not so easy when you can't predict demand or success.

The first thing we need to do is let prospective users know what they can expect the pay once their trial period is up and we start charging. We'll also commit to freezing your prices as they were on the day you joined for twelve months.

Four Months Free!

That's right - try before you buy. Your first month is always free for all new sign ups and you get three more by liking us on social networks. We won't even ask you for credit card or other billing information until your trial is up. If you're not happy, you can walk away with no hard feelings.

Tiered Pricing

We're creating a tiered pricing model so that small users will pay an affordable amount but larger users with larger teams who use more resources will contribute more. We think we're found a good balance. Do you agree?

So how much will it cost me?

Active Users (or Total Entries) in a Given Month Total Cost
Personal use (1 user or 300 entries) €4.99
Up to 3 users (or 900 entries) €9.99
Up to 5 users (or 1,500 entries) €14.99
Up to 10 users (or 3,000 entries) €24.99
Up to 25 users (or 7,500 entries) €49.99
Up to 50 users (or 15,000 entries) €89.99
Up to 100 users (or 30,000 entries) €149.99
More than 100 users (or 30k entries)? Contact us for pricing or consider
    installing TallyStick Enterprise.

All prices are euro and total cost per month. Your tier will be calculated month on month allowing you to move up and down freely and automatically ensuring you only get charged the minimum possible tier. Customers in Ireland will be charged VAT at 23%. EU customers will also be charged VAT unless they have a qualifying business VAT number.

TallyStick on Your Servers

We appreciate that some companies will want to install TallyStick on their own infrastructure for any number of reasons (manage and control their data; even quicker response times; to support a large user base; use company LDAP authentication, etc).

TallyStick::Enterprise is available as a virtual machine image that includes all software required to get up and running.

Our engineers at Open Solutions can assist and advise is highly secure, high capacity and highly scalable installations also.

Please contact us for pricing or more information.