Adding Entries

This is the bread and butter of our application. It's quick and easy. Choose a customer, a project, an activity and how long you spent on it. Feel free to add a description for your customer or a private note for your own use.

Generating Reports

Generate reports using any filters you like and choose to display only the columns you want. Turn your total hours into a cost and invoice your customer! Reports can be printed, emailed or downloaded as PDF, HTML or CSV.

Visualise with Charts

Do you need a quick visual representation of how much time you're spending on different projects or what percentage of your time is billable? You can now concentrate on the activities that actually generate revenue.

Todo Lists

Todos should be short and to the point. Add and manage your todos by project and have them automatically emailed to you every morning to help you plan your day. This is todo lists done right - at last.


As an administrator of your account, you can add, edit and deactive customers, projects, activities and users. You can also see and edit your users' entries as well as add entries on their behalf.

A Clean, Crisp Interface

Designed around Twitter's Bootstrap frontend toolkit, all our pages have a consistent and intuitive look and feel while also being beautiful in their simplicity. You won't be annoyed with unnecessary pop ups and unneeded features.

Latest Technologies

The frontend is built with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and will work on all major browsers without issue. Our backend relies on the same technologies that make sites like Facebook and Wikipedia so fast.

AJAX, When Appropriate

We use AJAX throughout the site so that the application responds as quickly as possible - such as when changing days. But we don't overuse it - and we think we have the balance right.